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Dr. Lluís Montoliu

Research Scientist CSIC

Departament of Molecular and Cellular Biology

National Centre of Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC)

Deputy Director

Campus de Cantoblanco, C/ Darwin 3

28049 Madrid, Spain


Tel. +34 91 585-4844 (despacho) / +34 91 585-4530 (laboratorio) / Fax. +34 91 585-4506

skype: lluis.montoliu / Twitter: @LluisMontoliu / also in Mastodon, Instagram, Facebook, BlueSky, Threads & LinkedIn

YouTube channel Lluis Montoliu

e-mail: montoliu@cnb.csic.es               


ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3941-1176

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=DvklkFYAAAAJ

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Neurosensorial pathology (Group U756) - Coordinator

Research Group:

Animal Models by Genetic Manipulation



Research Summary

We are interested in understanding how mammalian expression domains work and how they are organised within genomes. We would like to know the required regulatory elements that identify a given expression domain and specify its expression pattern in space, time and leve. To this aim, traditionally we have used the mouse tyrosinase locus as experimental model. Using genetically-modified (transgenic) mice we have investigated the role of tyrosinase gene regulatory elements.

Further, our laboratory has generated multiple animal models of human rare diseases, such as albinism, in order to study the visual abnormalities associated with this genetic condition. At the end of 2007 our laboratory joined the Spanish initiative of Rare Diseases (CIBERER-ISCIII). From January 1, 2009, CNB has become the Spanish node of the European Project EMMA-INFRAFRONTIER.


CV summary of Lluís Montoliu Brief CV

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Genetic differences among C57BL/6 substrains



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Histology Facility of CNB


WEB and e-mail: histologia@cnb.csic.es

Tel. +34 91585-4903

Mouse Embryo Cryopreservation Facility of CNB



WEB and e-mail: criocnb@cnb.csic.es

Tel. +34 91585-5349 / 4312

20 years of Postgraduate and Master Courses coordinated at UAM 1998-2018

COSCE agreement on transparency on animal experimentation



 Protocols for the generation and analysis of transgenic mice


Laboratory protocols (restricted)


Mendel: a simple excel workbook to compare the observed and expected distributions of genotypes/phenotypes in transgenic and knockout mouse crosses involving up to three unlinked loci by means of a χ(2) test. Transgenic Research 2012 Jun;21(3):677-810, Lluís Montoliu

Direct download of MENDEL Excel workbook


¿Por qué mi hijo tiene una enfermedad rara?

Lluís Montoliu, Next Door Publishers (February 2023)

Converted to an artificial intelligence (January 2024). Application.


Genes de colores, Lluís Montoliu

Ilustraciones de Jesús Romero

Next Door Publishers (April 2022)

Genome & Epigenetics, Volume 3
Coordinación: Lluís Montoliu José; Álvaro Rada Iglesias
CSIC (2021)
Colección: CSIC Scientific Challenges: Towards 2030


¿Qué sabemos de? El albinismo

Lluís Montoliu, Catarata y CSIC, 2019


Editando genes: recorta, pega y colorea. Las maravillosas herramientas CRISPR

Lluís Montoliu, Next Door Publishers, 1a. edition (February 2019)

Lluís Montoliu, Next Door Publishers, 2a. edition (April 2020)

Lluís Montoliu, Next Door Publishers, 3a. edition (March 2021)


¿Qué es el albinismo? Lluís Montoliu y Ana Yturralde, ALBA, 2018. (in Spanish)

Online (2019), audiolibro (2020)

Interesados pueden solicitar una copia gratuita por email a: contactar@albinismo.es


PhD Thesis

PhD thesis developed in Dr. Lluís Montoliu's laboratory

Database of transgenic mice, by Lluís Montoliu (2003)


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Laboratory Manual:

"Generation of Transgenic Mice" by Lluís Montoliu (1997)


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ALBA: asociacion de ayuda a personas con albinismo

Information on albinism

for scientists  and for persons with albinism



Albinismo. Una condición genética, dos realidades: España y Senegal




Meetings, congresses, conferences and workshops organised and/or co-organised

Legislación Europea, Nacional y Autonómica sobre protección de los animales utilizados para la experimentacion y otros fines cientificos y sobre el uso de organismos modificados genéticamente


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