TT2005 Barcelona
6th Transgenic Technology Meeting
Barcelona, Spain, 11-13 September 2005

TT2005 Poster Announcement


Dear colleagues,

We hereby invite you to the 6th Transgenic Technology (TT) meeting (TT2005), that will be held in Barcelona (Spain) 11-13 September 2005, at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB).

The TT meetings were established in 1998 as a, first Scandinavian, then European, pioneer initiative of Johannes Wilbertz, the Director of the Karolinska Center for Transgene Technologies (Karolinska Institut, Stockholm), and since then have become the most relevant forum, at the international level, to discuss new techniques, developments and projects within the field of mammalian transgenesis while bringing the attention and interest of both technicians and scientists working in this field. TT2005 will be the sixth meeting of the TT series.

The TT meetings attract and gather both leading scientists and technicians interested and working in the generation and analysis of Transgenic and Knockout Mice. In particular, most of the European Transgenic Services/Units as well as a growing number of Transgenic Units from USA, Australia and other countries, have participated in previous TT meetings and are expected to come to Barcelona for this TT2005 meeting. In this regard, previous TT meetings have received the special attention and sponsorisation from major animal company providers, commercial transgenic services, and a wide number of companies related to the field of animal transgenesis that will also be present and will organise a commercial exhibition at the TT2005 meeting. Up to 300 participants are expected to attend the TT2005 meeting. In addition to lectures, there will be poster presentations that will cover some of latest findings in transgenic technology interesting animal models in biomedical research and new developments in animal husbandry.

We strongly encourage participants to submit an Abstract and to present a Poster to discuss with the rest of participating scientists and technicians from all over the world.

All abstracts submitted by June 30, 2005, will be published in Transgenic Research (August/September issue). A copy of the journal will be distributed to all TT2005 participants.

There will be an Award for the Best Poster presented at the TT2005 meeting. All Posters presented will automatically qualify for the Best Poster Award.

Scientists invited to TT2005 include: Andras Nagy, Robert Kelsh, Junji Takeda, Francis Stewart, Bruce Whitelaw, Michaela Scherr, Norbert Ghyselinck, David Wolfer, Jean-Louis Guenet, Patrick Hardy, Dominic Wells, Martin Hrabé de Angelis, Steve Brown, Harald von Melchner, Frank Zimmermann, Francina Langa, Sagrario Ortega, Thom Saunders, Shirley Pease, James Sharpe, Marc Janier, Manuel Desco, Paul Krimpenfort, Raymond Romand, Pierre Dubus, Mara Dierssen, Rikke Thon, Fàtima Bosch, Gavin Kelsey, Marcos Malumbres, Xavier Estivill, Juan Carlos Izpisúa-Belmonte, Alfonso Gutiérrez-Adán, Tom Fielder, José Manuel Sánchez-Morgado and Ignacio Álvarez.

Early registration is encouraged. The deadline for early registration is June 30, 2005. Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. The number of participants is limited to 300.

Early Registration: 1 February 2005 - 30 June 2005 (Standard fee= 425 Euros, Reduced* fee= 340 Euros)

(*) Reduced fee = Cerfified undergraduate, graduate, PhD student or technician.

The official language of the meeting will be English.

A limited number of Registration Awards are available for TT2005 registered students or technicians. To apply, please first register (including required payment) and then send a letter of interest (max. 1 page) describing your current work and reasons to qualify for this award and a short CV (max. 2 pages) to

Candidates will be selected by the Organising Committee. The submission of an abstract to be presented as a Poster at the TT2005 meeting by the candidate will be favourably considered to qualify for the Registration Awards. Awarded persons will receive a nominal bank cheque (value = 340 Euros) at the end of the TT2005 meeting.

Deadline for application to TT2005 Registration Awards: 30 June 2005.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Barcelona. Please do not hesitate contact the organizers through the TT2005 e-mail account if you can't  find the information you need on the TT2005 web site.

The TT2005 Organising Committee.

Lluís Montoliu (CNB-CSIC, Madrid)
Johannes Wilbertz (Karolinska Institutet, KCTT, Stockholm)
Nelson Khoo (Umea University, UTCF, Umea)
Sagrario Ortega (CNIO, Madrid)
Belén Pintado (INIA, Madrid)
Anna Pujol (CBATEG, Barcelona)
Mariona Arbonés (CRG, Barcelona)
MCarmen Muñoz (PCB, Barcelona)

All information regarding TT2005 will appear at the meeting WEB page.

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