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The SEVA-DB will distribute petitions of a small number of clones at no cost for the user, but may charge handling, maintenance and shipping fees for large requests.
If you wish to contribute with your favourite module please follow these simple rules:


1- Remove, if any, the following restriction sites from your sequence: HindIII, PstI, XbaI, BamHI, SmaI, KpnI, SacI, SalI, EcoRI, SfiI, SphI, AatII, AvrII, PshAI, SwaI, AscI, FseI, PacI, SpeI, SanDI and NotI.


2- Flank your module with the appropriate restriction sites:

– Origin of replication by FseI and AscI.
– Antibiotic marker: SwaI and PshA.
– Cargoes: PacI and SpeI.


3- Adhere to this open access policy and send us your new construct (plasmid and strain) to include it in the SEVA database and numbered it according the SEVA rules.
In case of utilization for commercial or industrial purposes, solicitors should be aware that some of the DNA sequences employed in the SEVA plasmids could be subjected to intellectual property restrictions, for which SEVA platform disclaims any carrier liability.


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