Transgenic Research 12: 251-253, 2003.

cpopyright  2003 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Printed in the Netherlands.


Technical note

Simple databases to monitor the generation and organisation

of transgenic mouse colonies


Lluis Montoliu

Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia (CNB-CSIC), Campus de

Cantoblanco, 28049 Madrid, Spain

Received 9 August 2002; accepted 27 September 2002



The generation and analysis of transgenic mice has become an important tool to progress our understanding of

human and mouse gene function and its association with human genetic diseases. Animal models, based on

genetically modified mice, both standard transgenic and knock-out animals, are increasingly being used worldwide.

Monitoring of transgenic mouse production and transgenic mouse colonies is required to efficiently manage

the resources that are available. Here, I describe three independent FileMaker databases (transgenics, mymouse and

cages) that have been developed to track the generation of transgenic mice, the organisation of transgenic mouse

colonies and the distribution of mice in cages. These three databases are freely available for academic use.



Would you like to receive a free-copy of these databases

meant for academic-use and research purposes only?

Please follow these indications:


You might wish to request a PDF of this paper


To receive "clones" (both FileMaker 5.0 and >7.0 ready-to-use files) of these databases, please:


Send a message to Lluis Montoliu


Upon receiving your request I will return you a compressed ZIP file by e-mail, with the requested database clones and help files.


The FM5 "clones" work in FileMaker version 5.0, both in Windows and Mac platforms

The FM7 "clones" work in any FileMaker version 7.0 or newer, both in Windows and Mac platforms


Hope this is useful for your research


No need to sign any MTA. I only wish this will be useful for your research, as much as these clones have been useful in my lab for many years (still using these nowadays). 

Please, feel free to modify these clones at will.


Lluis Montoliu







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