structure determination of adenovirus proteins


keywords: adenovirus, fibre, gene therapy, vaccination, animal adenoviruses

Adenoviruses are used as experimental vaccine, gene therapy and anti-cancer vectors. We recently solved and published the structure of the receptor-binding domain of the porcine adenovirus type 4 NADC-1 strain. This revealed a conventional head domain, which is probably not involved in receptor-binding, and a galectin domain containing two carbohydrate binding domains in tandem. The carbohydrate binding domains are organised face-to-face, contrary to expectations. Sequence comparisons and published biochemical data suggest that tandem galectin domains from other species may also show this organisation. We also solved the structure of the galectin domain in complex with several different oligosaccharides. Above a picture of the binding site, the complex with tri-N-acetyllactosamine is shown.
For two genera of adenoviruses, the Atadenoviridae and Siadenoviridae, we solved the first examples, from Snake Atadenovirus 1 and Turkey Siadenovirus 3, respectively. The knowledge of different adenovirus fibre protein structures will expand the "toolbox" of investigators looking to direct adenovirus-based vectors to specific cells.

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