Logic of Genomic Systems laboratory; Juan F Poyatos (CNB-CSIC)

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We welcome people with different backgrounds
(Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Biology) in the lab that are passionate about research. If you are interested in a quantitative approach to understand the function and evolution of genomic systems, cell decision-making, or social behavior contact us.  We follow  Weinberg's four golden lessons in the lab.

We are offering a PhD position in the lab within the La Caixa foundation international program . Search by Engineering synthetic genetic circuits that are robust to evolution in the "SEARCH by PROJECT TITLE" field. Deadline February 2nd, 2017.

Current LoGSers:

Juan F Poyatos. At the age of four, Juan decided to study the two theories that we understand less: Quantum Mechanics and Evolution. Well, not really at that age, but it is true though that he tried first to learn some quantum mechanics (PhD in Quantum Computation) to later examine a different class of computations, those made by Biological Systems. Note that he does not claim to have understood either of them.

Pablo Yubero. Pablo is a PhD student who graduated in theoretical Physics after studying in Madrid and Groningen (NL). He completed a master's degree in Biophysics, which is why he is not-so-lost in the mist of biological phenomena. He is interested in resource allocation and growth-rate dependencies in the regulatory metabolism of cells. When he is not in the lab, he can be found amusing his neighbours playing some nice, swingin' trumpet tunes at home.

Clara Moreno. Clara is a PhD student (Biochemistry graduate) interested in microbial social dynamics and the micro-macro relationship of evolutionary and ecological variables. She is currently using a synthetic genetic circuit implemented in bacteria to study the role of altruism in the fate of a population under stress. When she is not trying to coax E. coli into being nice to each other, she cooks nice cupcakes that are lately suspiciously smelling like LB.
New LoGSers

Young LoGSers.
Ernesto Segredo is a biochemist doing a Master on Biophysics at Autonoma University, with an interest both in regulatory circuits and synthetic biology. Alvar Alonso is a Biologist doing his Master project on a systems-level approach to aging.

Collaborators and previous lab members.
Djordje Bajic (LoGS PhD, now here), Guillermo Rodrigo, Matteo Cavaliere (LoGS postdoc; cooperation and eco-evodynamics, now here), Saul Ares
(LoGS postdoc; synthetic developmental circuits in E. coli, now here), Raul Guantes, Laurence D. Hurst, Eric Alm, Eduardo Moreno, Jesus Blazquez, Francisco Camas (LoGS PhD), Ignacio Elola (LoGS MSc), Edward Morrissey (LoGS visiting student), Juan Barrero (LoGS MSc), Lucas Morales (LoGS MSc), Sandra Moreno (LoGS MSc), Veronica Miro (LoGS undergrad), Virginia Casasnovas (LoGS undergrad).