Logic of Genomic Systems laboratory; Juan F Poyatos (CNB-CSIC)

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Understanding biological complexity at its many levels of organization is the biggest reverse-engineering project ever to be deciphered. This requires first recognition and characterization of the individual components (molecules, cells, organisms) and later the study of how these components interact.  Our lab focuses on this second issue. Specifically, we try to identify principles of cellular response and decision-making that facilitate genomic systems to adapt to new environmental conditions, and that also promote their integration into social structures. Some of these principles we hope to be applicable across scales. We approach these issues by employing mathematical models, analysis of available data, and the use of simple experimental setups.

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Juan F. Poyatos
Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CNB-CSIC)
Darwin 3, 28049 Madrid

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