lab of Cellular immunobiology and microbiology

Our group belongs to CNB (Spanish National Center of Biotechnology) an Institute of CSIC (Spanish Council for Scientific Research) We, in addition, are also part of the IIS-P (Institute for Health Research of the Hospital de la Princesa) and our Laboratory is located in the facilities that IIS-P have in the the Hospital de Santa Cristina, near “el Retiro” park in the city center, in Madrid. Spain.

We are interested in the molecular and cellular biology of the cells belonging to the Immune synapse and the interactions of these cells with microorganisms. We are trying to unveil some of the mechanism that different microbial pathogens use in order to hijack the Immune system.

We are currently financed by CSIC and by the project BFU2011-29450. Entitled Immunological Synapse and Bacterial Control of the Immune System  from the  program (proyectos de Investigación Fundamental no Orientada) of the former Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (Now Ministry of Economy and Competitivity). Our group also received financing from the IIS-P and from the “Instituto de Salud Carlos III”.