13th meeting of the European Society for Pigment Cell Research
Barcelona, Spain, 24-27 September 2006


Auditorium of Sant Joan de Déu

Postal Address:

C/ Santa Rosa 39-57

08950 Esplugues de Llobregat (BARCELONA)

at the Teaching Building ("Edificio Docente") of Sant Joan de Déu

(right next to the Hospital of Sant Joan de Deu, HSJD)

Location of HSJD in Barcelona

and Hotel ABBA GARDEN (next to HSJD)

Plenary Conferences, Oral presentations and Symposiums will take place at the AUDITORIUM

Sponsors (Stands) in front of the Auditorium:

------------ to be determined-----------

Posters, Coffee-Breaks and Meals/Drinks will be at the HOTEL ABBA GARDEN

Ciutadella + Montjuich + Tibidabo Conference Rooms

(Conference Rooms Details, PDF)

Sponsors (Stands) at the Hotel ABBA GARDEN:

------------ to be determined-----------

How to reach the Venue Site for ESCPR06 Meeting?

Click first on Map1, then on Map2 and then on Map3

Note: Nearest metro station from the ESPCR06 Venue Site is "Zona Universitaria", at the end of Line 3 (green)

Map2 and Map3 point to the HOSPITAL of Sant Joan de Deu.

The ESPCR06 meeting will take place right next to the Hospital, at the Teaching Building ("Edificio Docente")

These maps have been modified from original images found at the Official Barcelona City Map

Using Google Earth (free application) you might spot a satellite image of Barcelona over the ESPCR06 Meeting Venue

(Type in "Barcelona, Spain" and then go for, approximately, these coordinates: 41º23'06,20" N and 2º06'09,22 E)

Google Earth images

ESPCR06 meeting location (without indications)

ESPCR06 meeting location (with indications)

Pictures of the HSJD Auditorium

PICTURES (click on them to enlarge)

Pictures of area in front of the Main Auditoirum:


Inside the Main Auditorium:

Outside the Main Auditorium:

Pictures of the Hotel ABBA GARDEN (Buffet/Poster/Coffee-Break hall):

Pictures at the "garden" of Hotel ABBA GARDEN:


Pictures by Stella Grimpa (PCB) and Lluís Montoliu (CNB)

Last updated: 4 January 2006