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From January 1, 2009, the CNB-CSIC in Madrid has been integrated in the EMMA project as the Spanish node of this European platform of mouse functional genomics, under the coordination of Lluís Montoliu. The incorporation process at the EMMA project was initiated in January 2007, with a request of written support to the Spanish scientific community for this initiative. 165 letters of support, from 58 scientific institutions and 20 Spanish provinces were received, and with them the candidature of CNB-CSIC was eventually presented to the European Coordinator of the EMMA Project (Prof. Martin Hrabé de Angelis), through the General Director of Technology Policy of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. This application was eventually accepted and CNB became the tenth European node of the EMMA project. The current project (EMMAservice), funded by the seventh framework program of the European Commission, has a planned duration of 4 years and hopefully will be further extended at its end, as it has been the case with previous projects. The EMMA Project is directly related with the Archivefrontier platform within the European project INFRAFRONTIER.

EMMA is the central European repository / archive for the cryopreservation, storage and distribution of mouse lines of interest for basic research in biomedicine. EMMA is funded by the European Commission and, therefore, the cryopreservation of mouse lines is free of cost, according to EMMA conditions.

CNB-CSIC and CNIO join forces to archive and distribute mutan mice of interest in biomedical research, generated by CNIO investigators, through the EMMA project and its Spanish node at the CNB-CSIC.

To send any comment or question related to the EMMA node at CNB please contact Lluís Montoliu or Julia Fernández by email

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