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Objetivos / Aims

La generación y análisis de modelos animales de enfermedades humanas mediante ratones transgénicos y mutantes junto con el estudio de los mecanismos de regulación de expresión génica en mamíferos.
The generation and analysis of transgenic and knockout mouse animal models of human diseases and the study of regulation mechanisms of mammalian gene expression.

Memoria Científica 2003-2004

Research Summary 2003-2004

Personal / Staff

Lluís Montoliu José
Victoria Tovar Herrador
Julio Pozueta Larios
Ángel García Díaz
Marta Cantero González
Julia Fernández Ponzano
Juan José Lazcano Duque
Esther Zurita Redondo

Servicio de Histologia / Histology Facility
Soledad Montalbán Iglesias

Group of Dr. Marta Nieto
Marta Nieto López
Álvaro Sebastian Serrano
Beatriz Cubelos Álvarez

Publicaciones recientes / Recent Publications:

Lavado A., Jeffery G., Tovar V., de la Villa P., Montoliu L. (2006)
Ectopic expression of tyrosine hydroxylase in the pigmented epithelium rescues the retinal abnormalities and visual function common in albinos in the absence of melanin
Journal of Neurochemistry 96(4):1201-11

Lavado A., Montoliu L. (2006)
New animal models to study the role of tyrosinase in normal retinal development
Frontiers in Bioscience 11:743-752

Devinoy E., Montoliu L., Baranyi M., Thépot D., Hiripi L., Fontaine M.L., Bodrogi L., Bosze Z. (2005)
Analysis of the efficiency of the rabbit whey acidic protein gene 5' flanking region in controlling the expression of homologous and heterologous linked genes
Journal of Dairy Research 72(S1):113-119

Lavado A., Matheu A., Serrano M., Montoliu L. (2005)
A strategy to study tyrosinase transgenes in mouse melanocytes
BMC Cell Biology 6(1):18

Giménez E., Lavado A., Jeffery G., Montoliu L. (2005)
Regional abnormalities in retinal development are associated with local ocular hypopigmentation
Journal of Comparative Neurology 485: 338-347

Cendán C.M., Pujalte J.M., Portillo-Salido E., Montoliu L., Baeyens J.M. (2005)
Formalin-induced pain is reduced in s1 receptor knockout mice
European Journal of Pharmacology 511(1): 73-74.

Lavado A., Olivares C., Garcia-Borron JC, Montoliu L. (2005)
Molecular basis of the extreme dilution mottled mouse mutation: A combination of coding and non-coding genomic alterations
Journal of Biological Chemistry 280(6):4817-24. Epub 2004 Nov 30.

Montoliu L. (2004)
5th Transgenic Technology meeting (
Transgenic Research 13: 605-606.

Moreira PN, Giraldo P, Cozar P., Pozueta J., Jiménez A., Montoliu L.*, Gutiérrez-Adán A.* (2004)
Efficient generation of transgenic mice with intact yeast artificial chromosomes by ICSI
Biology of Reproduction 71(6):1943-1947.

Giménez E., Lavado A., Giraldo P., Cozar P., Jeffery G., Montoliu L. (2004)
A transgenic mouse model with inducible tyrosinase gene expression using the tetracycline (Tet-on) system allows regulated rescue of abnormal chiasmatic projections found in albinism
Pigment Cell Research 17(4): 363-370.

Montoliu L., Larue L., Beermann F. (2004)
On the Use of Regulatory Regions from Pigmentary Genes to Drive the Expression of Transgenes in Mice
Pigment Cell Research 17: 188-190.

Regales L., Giraldo P., García-Díaz A., Lavado A., Montoliu L. (2003)
Identification and functional validation of a 5 upstream regulatory sequence in the human tyrosinase gene homologous to the Locus Control Region of the mouse tyrosinase gene
Pigment Cell Research 16: 685-692.

Langa F., Codony X., Tovar V., Lavado A., Giménez E., Cozar P., Cantero M., Dordal A., Hernández E., Pérez R., Monroy X., Zamanillo D., Guitart X., Montoliu L. (2003)
Generation and phenotypic analysis of sigma receptor type I (s1) knockout mice
European Journal of Neuroscience 18(8): 2188-2196.

Giménez E., Lavado A., Giraldo P., Montoliu L. (2003)
Tyrosinase gene expression is not detected in mouse brain outside the retinal pigment epithelium cells
European Journal of Neuroscience 18(9): 2673-2676.

Giraldo P., Martínez A., Regales L., Lavado A., García-Díaz A., Alonso A., Busturia A., Montoliu L. (2003)
Functional dissection of the mouse tyrosinase locus control region indentifies a new putative boundary activity.
Nucleic Acids Research 31(21): 6290-6305.

Montoliu L. (2003)
Manipulating the mouse embryo: easier than ever!
Transgenic Research 12: 635-636.

Giraldo P., Rival-Gervier S., Houdebine L.M. & Montoliu L. (2003)
The potential benefits of insulators on heterologous constructs in transgenic animals
Transgenic Research 12: 751-755.

Montoliu L. (2003)
Simple databases to monitor the generation and organisation of transgenic mouse colonies
Transgenic Research 12: 251-253.

Millot B., Montoliu L.,  Fontaine M.L., Mata T. & Devinoy E. (2003)
Hormone induced modifications of the chromatin structure surrounding 5´ upstream regulatory regions conserved between the mouse and rabbit WAP genes.
Biochemical Journal 372(1): 41-52.

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